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Technology has brought colossal changes in the operations of every industry. This revolution has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the workflow of every organization. Healthcare has also embraced this change and

For a few decades, technology has been improving rapidly and digital solutions are coming into existence for almost every problem. Industries are improving their work operations by the use of these technological solutions.

Although paper forms help us share and record information of all types for different types of operations, yet in this era of digitalization, we don’t need paper forms anymore.The web age has allowed us to replace physical papers with other technologies such as desktops,

Unfortunately, the stats show that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit small and medium-scale businesses harder than large scale businesses. What’s worse is that there is no exact estimation of how long will the pandemic

All companies, no matter what industry they are in, want to run as smoothly as possible. However, things don’t always go as planned and sometimes companies have to deal with a lot of unforeseen circumstances. Research shows that compared to large companies,